Zantel Launches ‘Bongampakabasi’ Package

In bringing the easier use of communication services in the country, Zantel Tanzania has launched a new product in its packages known as ‘Bongampakabasi’
Bongampakabasi package will enable customers to make calls to all networks with low cost, something which will encourage the economic and social activities in the country.
Speaking during the launch of the campaign, Zantel’s head of mobile business Aneth Muga, said the product has aimed at improving communication services and make sure that the customers get a guaranteed communication with low price.
“We recognize that communication services especially voice and data are essential services in promoting economic and social activities because many people depend communication in their daily business” Muga said.
Before, Zantel Tanzania had two kinds of packages including the package to call within the network known as ‘Bonga’ and the package to call other networks called ‘Mpakabasi’
Now Zantel Tanzania has come up with a single package to their customers known as ‘Bongamapakabasi’ to call other networks for the same cost.
“Now Zantel customers will enable to make a call to all networks within the country without fearing the cost or the kind of package that the customer joined” Muga elaborated.
Muga added that “We have improved our packages with our menu to enable our customers to get cervices easily”
On the other hand, Mohammed Mussa, the head of Zantel in Zanzibar said the company has continued to invest in communication infrastructure in Zanzibar Island, the center of business for Zantel.
The investment have done through Fiber Optic Cable which connect Tanzania and other countries in Africa and the world in general, which will enable the company to provide voice and data services to other communication network companies.

“The best communication services is one among the essential need for the development of the society, Zantel 4G network will contribute to bring development in different sectors including education, currency, and health, also will promote the growth of economic.

The head of Zantel, in Zanzibar Mohammed Mussa (Right) instructing Abdillah Wadi Nahoda how to connect ‘Bongampakabasi’ package which enable Zantel customers to make calls to other networks with low cost. The service has aimed at improving communication services to all customers in Tanzania mainland and the island.