Zanzibar Promise to Fix Tourism Challenges

Zanzibar government authorities has promised to ensure business and investment environment is favourable for all investors and overcome the existing challenges.
“We are fully committed to end the challenges hindering the development of your businesses in the tourism industry” Explained Minister for Information Tourism and Heritage Mr Mahmoud Thabit Kombo in response to complaints raised by visiting officers from the Association of Italian Tour Operators.
Officers from Immigration, Tourism Commission, Airport, Zanzibar Revenue Board (ZRB), Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and Permanent Secretaries Information, Tourism and Heritage Ms Khadija Bakari and the Finance’s Mr Khamis Mussa , Minister Kombo promised that the challenges that include poor infrastructure, inappropriate waste management, constant pressure from taxation officers, invasive of beach boys, and insecurity in some areas of the islands will be solved.
Mr Kombo said there was an on-going huge investment of over 200 million US dollars to improve Zanzibar airport which includes expansion, construction of a new terminal, runway and airport apron, which will solve problems like congestion and immigration clearance delays.
Also most of the main roads are under constructions and waste management is being considered, while the police is taking measures to guarantee security in all tourist attraction sites.